What’s on

The Institute was created with the aim of protecting, enhancing and disseminating the work and figure of Giuseppe Verdi through specific initiatives and study and research activities. For these purposes it publishes periodicals and volumes, including the National Edition of Verdi’s Documents and Correspondence and the scientific yearbook “Verdi’s Studies”; it organizes conventions, study meetings, courses in collaboration with universities and other cultural institutions, exhibition set-ups. The Institute is also one of the promoters of the “Giuseppe Verdi” International Rotary Club of Parma Award, to encourage the formation of new generations of scholars of the Verdi legacy.

Through the production of digital content, the Institute aims to to convey to a wider audience a constant flow of information that makes the numerous and varied scientific and cultural activities (events, workshops, seminars, events, exhibitions, etc.) promoted by the National Institute of Verdi’s Studies visible and appreciable.