Questione di anima. Sessant’anni all’Istituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani


Edited by Giuseppe Martini (9, 2019)

A collection of essays, published since 1960 in the Institute’s collections, written by some of the most prestigious names of the twentieth-century culture, to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary from the establishment of the National Institute for Verdi Studies.

Most of these examplary texts where chosen among names that do not belong to the musicology world, and they are in line with the inspiration of the founder and first manager of the Institute, Mario Medici, who from the beginning wanted Verdi’s figure and the newborn institution to dialogue with the various areas of humanistic culture. Obviously, there are the two managers that more than any other marked the Institute’s history, Mario Medici and Pierluigi Petrobelli and a text of the first honorary president, Ildebrando Pizzetti, but also story-tellers (Riccardo Bacchelli, Saul Bellow), scenographers (Alessandro and Nicola Benois), Italianists (Francesco Flora and Mario Lavagetto), culture historians (Isaiah Berlin), art historians (Luigi Magnani).

Some of these essays, the ones by Saul Bellow, Knud Arne Jürgensen, René Leibowitz, Mary Jane Phillips-Matz and Susan Rutherford, all already published in their original languages, are here offered for the first time with the Italian translation.