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Vincenzina Ottomano, winner of the Rotary Club

How was Falstaff born, the last title of Verdi’s catalogue? What were the phases of this very long preparation? How did Verdi work to create the structure and the orchestration? The winner of the 19th edition of the Rotary Club of Parma “Giuseppe Verdi” International Award, award conceived and financed by the Rotary Club in cooperation with the National Institute for Verdi Studies, Ms. Vincenzina Ottomano, developed a research project committed to answer to these questions.

In order to achieve this goal, Ms. Ottomano (senior researcher at the University of Berna Musicology Institute and research associate at the Florence’s “Centro Studi Luciano Berio”) is going to work in particular on Giuseppe Verdi’s autographed sketches and drafts coming from Villa Verdi in Sant’Agata, currently preserved at Parma’s State Archive.


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